Sunday, May 13, 2012

My life right now!

My life couldn't be better right now! I have an awesome set of friends and Family! I am still living with my sister but it's not so bad . We are helping each other out! I have been hanging with all my friends. Recently a friend we me and another friend had a falling out with a while back apologized to us and we hung out with her. We can't be too mad at her she got married and he is controlling and is doing the best she can. She does have a new baby! Another friend is getting married she says it will be in October. My sister is getting married June 9th to a very nice man. My cousin had a son and I couldn't be happier for what I have and whom I have in my life. You don't get another chance to hold each people in your life dear cause you never know how much longer they will be on this earth! I have been doing a lot of reading since I bought my nook. I just finished my 5th book. I really enjoyed The Hunger Games book series. I am thinking about making my next book be Matched from a book series I heard about from some youtube channels I watch. they sound so good! I have been debating on my next book read since yesterday cause I'm unsure what I wanna read next at this point! I have been into drinking Cherry Coke a lot lately. I get it when I go for Soda lately. Most the time I am a water drinker, but I do like a soda here and there! I am also a fan of having a nice cup of Green Tea. It is so good for you! Recently I decided to try and watch The show Dexter. I watched up to the last episode of the second season and I am in love with the show! I find the story line to be so addicting! I also going to try and watch Once Upon A Time and see if I will like it. The storyline seems like something right up my alli and a lot of people told me it was a good show! I recently joined the site GoodReads It is a site for books so you can rate and review books and see what you might like to read! it is basicly a site like RottentTomatoes is for movies but for books. It will recommend books for you based on the books you rated! I added a few of my friends to it! I heard about this site from a youtuber Elle Fowler AKA AllThatGlitters21 She is one of my favorite channels to watch besides her sister Blair Fowler AKA JuicyStar07! I get most of my book ideas from them and I love the videos they make!

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