Friday, November 2, 2012

I'll Always Have Juggalo family!

I am down with the clown for life yo! I made a page for people who are alos down los & Lettes! its called The Real I'll Always Have Juggalo Family! Check it out and feel free to like this page. We post alot of Juggalo content for you members of The Fam! I have a few good true Los & Lettes helping me admin this page! I had one called I'll Always Have Juggalo Family & Let some guy help me admin it and he stole my page so don't confuse that one with mine please. He kept acting controlling and weird about wanting people to not know anyone else ran the page and kept telling me how to run my own page! I am no longer involved with that page. He is running contest on it and don't know if they are real or fake!

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