Sunday, March 24, 2013

Update with Batgirljamie!

I know I haven't posted much on here lately but I thought I would write you guys an update! I haven't been doing very much the last week cause Ive been sick with a cold/flu! I love keeping you guys up to date and post cool stuff I find out on here! I don't know how many actually read this but this is kinda like a public person diary I like to share with you guys! I am watching the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries! That is my favorite TV show that you don't have to have cable to watch! I just got done watching like 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory! I sure do love that show too!

Twyst was in car accident so I haven't been hanging with him & Viper's car finally went ca put! I wish them both good luck twyst in getting better. He only got broken bones, Thank God & Viper I hope she has good luck and gets a new car so she can spend time with her sick Granny!

I didn't read The Host by Stephenie Meyer,but I did read all the Twilight Saga Books! I kinda feel like I wanna see the movie version of The Host in theater! I think it looks like a really good movie. I read a yr ago they was making it into a movie & I think as an avid book reader I should at least attempt to read the book so I can compare the 2. That is something I love to do! I did that for all the Twight Movies!

I am currently reading the 3rd book in The Matched Trilogy Reached By Ally Condie! I love this book series! It is a dystopian society book series! The last book is so good so far! I started reading this book series because I saw 2 of my favorite Beauty Gurus on youtube TheBubbleGumPrincess & AllThatGlitters21 saying how much they liked this! They had previously both read The Hunger Games & so did I and they said it was a similar king and made the book series sound so good so I got them for my nook!

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