Thursday, July 18, 2013

Batgirljamie Update & talk about Viper!

Sorry this blog has been neglected! i have been doing a lot o stuff on my Tumblr Blog lately! I have also been doing a lot of great stuff with The Juggalettes 'R Us Channel The Juggalo Family Vloggers! I am very proud of our company! Me , Twystid J & Vipper have all done stuff for it but recentl7 it has just been Me & Twstid J. Viper does not have a car right now and she just can't get with us to work on the show! She doesn't enjo the creative process as much as twstid J & I! She will be on from time to time but not as often as us! Me & Twstid J are trying to get at least 1 new video on our channels every week & at least 4 to 10 new videos on The Juggalo Family Vloggers Show! We alos are very greatful we are getting such a positive feedback! The negative is a given but we just have to remember that for every hateful comment we get there are 2 that like what we do! The Way I see it if I get someone to watch one of our videos on one of our 5 channels then we did our Job. If they don't like it don't watch anymore but we have had in the past a person come back & comment negative stuff on all of our shows repeatedly and all he did is give us what we want which is a new video view! I really got mad cause he was judging us and he didn't even make his own videos and any video I saw that they had posted was stolen and renamed a hateful title towards Juggalos! He was basicly going around to all the Juggalos Channels and being extremely hateful towards them! I am working on a new Podcast with Twystid J on SoundCloud called The Psychotic Duo! We are going to try & do at least 2 shows a month! We only have up our first episode because it is still new! We will be doing random talk on there about topics near and dear to us! Hope you guys check it out and like it! Last month someone I work with mentioned that the TV show Dr.Who was awesome, so I decided to check it out because i saw it on netflix! I watched a few episodes and found it interesting! I then finished season 1 thinking that was awesome! Then each season has gotten better and better I am on the middle of Season 5 right now! I have to say I love that show! If you haven't seen it you should check it out! When it was still winter my xbox 360 broke, so I bought a Blu Ray Player that had net capability! I can watch my netflix on it! I am missing having a good video game system that you can get new games for! I decided since I am gtting paid 3 times next month, I am goingto invest in a PS3! I want to play video games again and not have to play then on my old can't get new games gamecube. Don't get me wrong I still love my Gamecube!

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